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Are you one of those landlords that hoped to be able to manage his own property but are now dealing with a tenant who doesn’t pay the rent without going to court? Now you’re worrying that the tenant is trashing your property and are struggling to pay the mortgage.

Evicting a tenant in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas can be very expensive to do by yourself. Court appearances are time consuming and no place to be learning about the eviction process. What should you do?

Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc. has extensive experience in “rescuing” landlords from tenants who aren’t paying their rent.

If you want to be back in control with either your tenant paying again, or

  • Evicting the current tenant
  • Clean up the property and get it “ready to rent” for the next tenant, using our vendors at your expense.
  • Market the property
  • Find, screen and lease to a new tenant at our normal rate
  • Manage that tenant and your property at our normal rate
  • Have access to our eviction protection plan that means you will never pay for an eviction again (see plan for details)

How much will an eviction cost me?

Not counting the money you are losing daily on the rent, we will provide our eviction services for a flat fee of $495 plus actual expenses. After a management agreement is signed, will will engage our services on your behalf to start or pickup the eviction process. Expenses for a simple eviction usually run between $200 to $400 and depends on how quickly the tenant vacates.

I am sure you will be surprised at how effective we are at negotiating with tenants to either pay the rent or move saving you the cost of the eviction and vacancy that follows. However if eviction is required, the rate we have negotiated with our attorney is hard to beat.

Post eviction property repairs

Our dedicated vendors can do repairs, cleaning and make your unit rent ready in a minimum time and coordinating the activities needed are part of the services covered in our management contract. We will provide you with a complimentary video inspection of the property which will enable you to see exactly what work needs to be done

This service is available only as part of an ongoing property management program.

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