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Are Landlords Required to Provide Air Conditioning in Nevada?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

If you live in the state of Nevada, or you been thinking about purchasing rental properties here, you may be wondering if landlords are legally required to provide air conditioning in their rental properties.

The answer to this question is yes, air conditioning is considered to be an essential right in the state of Nevada. This means that like electricity, plumbing, and running water in a rental property, most tenants expect that a rental property will have an air conditioner to cool the inside of the rental down to help them beat the heat during the hot summer months.

What Happens When an Air Conditioner Goes Out?

Let's say that you are renting a property in Nevada and your air conditioner stops working. What do you do next? You must contact your landlord immediately because they have 48 hours to make a good-faith effort to fix the air conditioning and get it running once again.

If your landlord has not fixed the air conditioning within 48 hours, you have every right as a tenant to choose another method to cool the inside of your rental property and deduct the cost of that method that you're using from the amount that you normally pay into your rent. 

What other methods could you use cool down the inside of your rental property besides air conditioning if it goes out? In 2019 there are a wide variety of options for you to choose from including swamp coolers, fans, and even personal air conditioners that you could purchase at your neighborhood Walmart.

If the air conditioner in your rental property goes out, make sure that you contact your landlord immediately because you do not want to wait longer than you should get it fixed because heat exhaustion can sneak up on you and easily kill you if you're not careful.

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