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Emergency Preparedness Tips For Renters

Emergency Preparedness Tips For Renters

It's only January but, it's never too early to start thinking about emergency preparedness, especially in this day and age when that electricity company could shut the power off for days and make it difficult to heat/cool your home, obtain fresh water or store food.

 Even though most people don't like to think about disasters or emergency preparedness, the reality is that this is something that everyone should think about especially if they want to responsibly be ready for a potential emergency should it occur.

Tips For Getting Ready For An Emergency

Tip #1 - Get Your Emergency Paperwork Ready - The first thing that you need to do to get ready for an emergency regardless if you live in Las Vegas Nevada or elsewhere across the United States is to get your emergency paperwork ready. This means that you have a safe place to put your renter's insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and other important paperwork ready to go so that you could grab it when needed at a moment's notice.

Tip #2 - Have An Exit Plan - It doesn't matter if you're at home, school, work, or else were in the Las Vegas area, when an emergency occurs you should always have an Exit Plan ready for how you and the other people who may live in your home will reconnect in the event of an emergency. Your emergency exit plan should also include a place for where each member in your home can possibly reconnect with each other to confirm that everyone has made it to safety. 

Tip #3 - Create An Emergency Kit - Besides having an Exit Plan and emergency paperwork ready, another important thing that you should consider doing is creating an emergency kit. This kit should include enough water for each person in your home to live off of for at least one week, one weeks worth of canned food, emergency medical supplies, batteries, LED lights, candles, matches and anything else that you would possibly need to get by in the event of an emergency.

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