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Las Vegas Property Management: 3 Tips for Screening Tenants

Las Vegas Property Management: 3 Tips for Screening Tenants

As of 2021, more than 646,790 people lived in various parts of Las Vegas. If you're working in Las Vegas property management, one of the most important things you need to do is screen the tenants you allow to move into your rental properties.

As property managers, not taking time to screen your tenants can cause problems in the future, such as a higher tenant turnover rate and damaged properties. Here are some tips you can use to improve your screening process as a property manager.

1. Check for Past Evictions

Many Las Vegas property managers found themselves in long-term fights with tenants over unpaid rent, leading them to initiate the eviction process. Before you approve a tenant's application for your rental property, take time to dive into their past and note whether or not they've had past evictions.

If someone has been evicted before, there's likely a good reason for that, and you'll want to know about it. Consider things like:

  • Reason for the eviction
  • Number of past evictions

With the number of people moving to the Las Vegas area, there's no reason to fill your properties with people that have caused problems for past property managers that could lead you to evict them.

2. Criminal History Matters

When someone applies to move into your property, you're not allowed to deny their application based on race, color, or sex. However, you can review their past and deny the application based on red flags that cause you to doubt their ability to pay rent monthly and keep the property in prime condition.

If someone has a criminal past, this isn't grounds to deny the application. You need to determine the types of crimes a person has committed in their past. 

When your review their record, note:

  • Type of crime
  • How long ago it occurred
  • Whether it was a violent or non-violent crime

As a property manager, you shouldn't put yourself or other tenants in danger, and if allowing someone to move in would do that, you need to think twice before approving the application.

3. Have a Checklist

Before you begin surveying possible tenants, you need to have a checklist you use to measure the application's qualifications. This checklist will give you an understanding of the standard you're going to hold your tenants to and can make or break your property overall.

We've all seen the properties that started as luxury, but the property's value has decreased because of the people they've allowed to move in. Using this criterion to survey applicants will save you time, money, and other resources in the long run.

You can present this criterion as a part of the application process, making it easier for potential tenants to understand their chances of being approved for the property.

Las Vegas Property Management Tips for Tenant Screening

Whether you're looking for tenants to fill your properties or more properties to invest in, there are tons to understand regarding Las Vegas property management. Don't forget to review the history of past tenants and have a checklist.

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