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Renter Tips - How To Have A Safe 4th Of July

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The 4th of July is almost here and in Las Vegas; this is a big time of year but it’s also important that you celebrate the 4th safely!

If you plan on spending the 4th of July with your friends or family members, this article will provide you with safety tips that you can use for having a fun and safe Fourth of July.

Grilling safety tips 

Without a doubt, there's nothing like grilling on the 4th of July because a grill is one of the best ways to get together with family and friends while enjoying delicious food outdoors. 

If it's been a while since you last used your grill, before cooking, you should clean your grill thoroughly by removing any, ash or residue that's left over on the cooking surface from the last time that you used it. 

After your grill is clean, you should next clean all of your cooking utensils just to make sure that they are ready for handling food and don't pass on any bacteria or germs to your guests. 

While you were cooking on your grill, keep in mind that grilling maybe a new thing to some of your guests, especially if they are children or young adults, so it's important that you or another adult always stays within the vicinity of the grill just to ensure that no accidents or injuries occur if it's left unmanned.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Besides grilling, fireworks are also another common thing that most people look forward to using on the 4th of July because, they are a fun way to celebrate the holiday but, fireworks can also be deadly if they're used improperly. 

Before using fireworks, make sure that any fireworks that you light off or a safe distance away from your rental property, preferably in the street. 

Use only "safe and sane" fireworks and only from June 28-July 4 when they are allowed for use in Clark County and the Las Vegas Valley. Fireworks are not allowed after midnight on July 4. ... Never carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them into metal or glass containers.

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