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Should you rekey the locks on your rental property after your tenant moves out? Yes!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

One question that many new landlords have after their tenant moves out of their rental property is if they should change the locks.

Changing the locks is important because in today’s world it’s easy for anyone to make copies of keys and after 12 months you just don’t know how many keys to your rental property may be out there.

FBI Crime Statistics

According to the latest FBI Crime Statistics, 73.2% of all burglary offenses committed were on residential properties, so it is easy to understand why some tenants might be wary of their locks not being changed. In addition to someone probably having a copy of your key, there is also the possibility that the lock might have been damaged in some way or form by the previous tenant, making it less secure than it once was.

Ways To Re-key Locks While Reducing Costs

There’s no denying that re-keying locks can be expensive each time a tenant moves out.

Thankfully, with solutions like the Kwikset smart key system, you only have to invest in a lock once then when a tenant moves out you can re-key the locks on your rental property without having to incur the cost of rekeying a lock each time.

Although many landlords are transitioning to the smart key system, the reality is that for some landlords who have multiple rental properties it may be easy for the landlord to rotate locks between their properties each time a tenant moves out.

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