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Should Your Allow Pets In Your Las Vegas Rental Property In 2019?

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

If you ask most owners they will tell you that when it comes to allowing pets in their rental properties their answer would be no. Why? Many owners are under the misconception that all pets can be destructive to a rental property but the reality is that most owners care for their pets and take the time to fully train them so they are not destructive.

Why Allow Pets In Your Rental Property?

The reality is that if you own a rental property that has a fenced yard or out door space which could possibly be turned into a pet run, this should be more motivation for you to allow pets rather than continue to turn them down. Why? The answer is simple, by allowing pets to live in your Las Vegas rental property you will effectively increase your annual revenue in more ways than one.

Pet owners in 2019 are used to paying more deposits, fees and monthly pet rents to the landlord's if they are intent upon having their pets live with him in their rental properties. 

Since the extra deposit only amounts to a few hundred dollars, most pet owners are willing to spend the money necessary to keep their pets living with them rather than being faced with having to sell their furry friends or search for alternative places for them to live which do accept pets. 

What To Do If Pets Cause Damages

Sadly, there may be some cases where one of your renter's pets may cause damages to the rental property. In this case, the money that you've received from your tenant's monthly pet rent can be applied to taking care of any damages that their pets may have caused.

In some cases, the cost of the damages that were incurred by the pets could exceed the amount paid to you in the form of the monthly pet rent. When this happens, you shouldn't hesitate to reach out to them to pay the difference because no renter wants to leave a property with a bad rental reference. 

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