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Tired of Rental Property Maintenance? Why Not Contact A Property Manager Instead?

Tired of Rental Property Maintenance? Why Not Contact A Property Manager Instead?

Are you tired of being called by your tenants at night, during the weekends, holidays, or special events for maintenance on your rental property?

Although some owners may view this as a "badge of honor", the reality is that DIY Property management cost owners thousands of dollars per year because the simple fact that they're taking the time to manage their properties themselves when the simple fact is that they would be saving time and money by hiring a company of property management company

What Can A Property Manager Do for You?

At Blackbird Realty, we have decades of combined experience in property management and we can save you the hassle having to manage your rental property yourself including getting called in the middle of the night to perform simple to complex maintenance tasks on it.

Some of the wide variety of Property Management Services that we can offer you include tenant placement, tenant selection, maintenance, customer service, accounting and so much more.

Our clients choose us because of the experience that we bring to the property management field and they know that they can have confidence that our team members are going to protect the investments in their rental properties while ensuring maximum ROI.

Property Management Is More Important Than Ever Before During COVID-19

There's no doubt that since the covid-19 help right, every aspect of life in Las Vegas has been shut down including Property Management.

Sadly, since we've been locked down, most owners who have been managing their rental properties themselves have not been able to get out and fill their properties when they have vacancies so those rentals have been sitting vacant.

Thankfully, when DIY property managers hire us, they can have confidence that those vacancies will be filled even during Coronavirus because all of our property management team members work remotely and we are able to not only continue functioning as a company, we're also able to continue showing properties during Coronavirus as well. 

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