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Which Things Do Most DIY Landlords Hate About Being A Landlord?

Which Things Do Most DIY Landlords Hate About Being A Landlord?

There’s no denying that owning a Las Vegas NV investment property is a great way to build cash flow and wealth but if you’re thinking about being a DIY landlord, you’re setting yourself up for more frustration then you know.

Before making the decision to be a DIY landlord, this article will provide you with several things that most DIY landlords actually hate about land-lording.

#1 – Dealing with Tenants Who Tell Lies

The first thing that most landlords actually hate about land lording is dealing with tenants who tell lies. Sadly, there’s always going to be one tenant who will tell a lie or make an excuse for not paying the rent, or breaking their lease and it’s the landlord who has to make sense of what the tenant has done and ultimately deal with it.

#2 – Not Taking Time for A Real Break

Yes, even though the phone may not be ringing, the truth is that most DIY landlords are never really able to take time for a “mental break” because they are always thinking about something else that has to be done at their rental property.

#3 – Being the Bad Guy with Tenants

Another thing that most DIY landlords don’t like is having to be the “bad guy” with their tenants. This happens when they have to enforce their leases, deal with troublesome tenants or go after a tenant who doesn’t pay their rent on time.

#4 – Aftermath of An Eviction

Evictions can be a tiresome process of landlords but so can the aftermath of an eviction which can happen if the former tenant left a lot of their stuff behind or trashed the property.

#5 – Maintenance

Last of all, one of the most common things that DIY landlords hate about land lording is maintenance. This can encompass anything from doing minor renovation projects to overseeing large scale jobs. The average DIY landlord doesn’t like having to deal with renovations and would rather focus on growing their portfolio of investment properties instead of dealing with the day-to-day aspects of land-lording.

What’s the Solution to The Problem?

The obvious solution to the problem is for a DIY landlord to hire a property manager because a property manager will save a landlord the time, money and hassle of having to manage their investment properties themselves.

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