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Words to Avoid Using When Writing A Rental Property Listing

George Trombley - Monday, April 16, 2018
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So, you just purchased a new rental property in Las Vegas, NV and are excited about earning passive income from your rental.

Before you can start earning that income though you actually have to rent the property first and to get your property rented you have to write a rental listing.

Most owners will typically promote their rentals on Craigslist or a variety of other rental websites.

Sadly, many owners will make the mistake of using certain words in their listings which could drive potential tenants away.

The words that you shouldn’t use in your listing include the following:


Most renters will assume that a property is going to be clean by default so if you’re promoting that your rental is “clean” this could be a reason for some potential renters to bypass your property.


When used in a rental property listing, the word “cheap” will make any potential renter think that your property is going to be a place that they don’t want to live.

Instead of using a word like “cheap” it’s best to use words like “affordable” if you want to convey the affordability of your rental property.

Cozy / Charming

Last of all, but most important, the final two words that you don’t want to add to your rental listing are cozy and charming.

These words convey the idea that your rental property is small so if you want to avoid making potential renters think that your property is smaller than it really is it’s best to use accurate words to describe the size and space that your rental offers them.

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