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April 2013

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Check Your Insurance: Events can happen - flood, extreme heat, earthquakes, fire, and more! It is important to check your insurance to obtain the best coverage possible and ensure that it is current.Review now with your insurance agent before a disaster/emergency occurs.

If An Emergency Occurs: Please be patient and avoid tying up critical phone lines and our time. Our first priority during any emergency is to handle the situation, taking any necessary measures for the safety of your property and your tenants. Then, we will contact you as soon as we are able.

Take The Fair Housing Quiz

April is considered National Fair Housing Month. Different organizations hold a variety of events; articles and seminars increase to raise the awareness of Fair Housing and what it really means. Nowhere is there more emphasis on this than in the Real Estate/Property Management industry. Complying with Fair Housing is of highest priority to the business of owning and renting property.

Fair Housing is a simple concept, "don't discriminate" but following it is not always an easy task. The Federal Fair Housing Act and its many subsequent acts, in both the Federal and state courts, have been the result of many lawsuits involving the interpretation of these laws. Judgments have resulted in penalties in the millions against those that do not comply with Fair Housing. Discrimination is a serious problem.

As your property management company, we know that we must understand and follow Fair Housing to the letter to protect our clients and their investments. Additionally, it is important to us to keep you apprised of Fair Housing. Therefore, we have provided you with the following quiz on of this important issue so you can see how well-versed you are in this area.

Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE?

  1. The purpose of the 1968 Federal Fair Housing Act is to ensure that everyone has equal access to housing regardless of their race, national origin, religion, sex, color, disability, familial status. View Answer
    True, this is the basic Fair Housing Act of 1968.

  2. The Civil Rights Act of 1968 is commonly known as the Fair Housing Act. View Answer
    True, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 is referred to as the Fair Housing Act.

  3. HUD is the department of Human Resources and Urban Development. View Answer
    False, HUD is the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  4. The American Disabilities Act was enacted in 1968.
    View Answer
    False, the American Disabilities Act was enacted in 1988.

  5. Property Owners can discriminate against service animals.
    View Answer
    False, property owners cannot discriminate against service animals.

  6. Property Owners can charge an additional deposit for service animals. View Answer
    False, property owners cannot charge an additional deposit for service animals.

  7. It is acceptable to use advertising with phrases such as executive home, no kids, and only singles. View Answer
    False, these are considered discrimination in advertising and violate Fair Housing.

  8. Housing providers must provide equal opportunities to all prospective buyers or renters, whether or not they speak English or are United States citizens. View Answer
    True, you must provide equal opportunities to buyers or renters, even if they are not citizens or speak English.

  9. President John F. Kennedy signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968. View Answer
    False, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 or what is commonly referred to as the Fair Housing Act.

  10. Sex was added as a protected class six years later in 1974. Protection from gender discrimination includes any form of sexual harassment and, as proven by recent court cases and legislation, victims of domestic violence are also afforded protections. View Answer
    Yes, sex was added as a protected class in 1974.

  11. Discrimination in renting is now considered a practice of the past. View Answer
    False, the fight to provide Fair Housing and avoid discrimination is still an ongoing issue.

  12. Despite the protection afforded those with disabilities, it is legal for a housing provider to offer an accessible unit to those without disabilities as well as those with disabilities. View Answer
    True, a housing provider does not have to reserve an accessible unit for only those with disabilities as long as there is no discrimination involved for any party.

The material provided in this newsletter is for informational and educational purposes only. It is NOT legal advice.
Although we believe this material is accurate, we cannot guarantee that it is 100% without errors.

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