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3 Low Budget Ways to Update the Kitchen in Your Las Vegas Rental Property

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Do you own a Las Vegas rental property that can be considered to be outdated? If so, you've come to the right place! in this article will share with you three low-budget ways that you can update the kitchen in your Las Vegas rental property.

Step 1 - Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do the kitchen cabinets in your rental property look like they've seen better days? If so, instead of hiring a contractor to demo and replace those kitchen cabinets, you should repaint them instead.

A few gallons of paint can literally save you thousands of dollars in renovation costs and turn what could have been an expensive kitchen renovation into something that you can easily do yourself for just a few hundred dollars. 

Step 2 - Update the Lights in Your Kitchen

After painting your kitchen in your Las Vegas rental property you should next consider updating the lights. Many landlords fail to update the lighting in their rental property kitchens and what they don't realize is that those outdated light fixtures can make even the most recently renovated kitchen look outdated and undesirable to potential tenants.

When considering choosing new lighting you should specifically consider choosing pendant lamps because they are stylish and versatile or possibly a chandelier because you can hang that chandelier in the corner of your kitchen creating and eat in area for your tenants. 

Step 3 - Maximize Storage Space

Last of all, but most important, another low-budget way that you can update the kitchen in your Las Vegas rental property is by maximizing storage space. Each cabinet should have multiple shelves and or storage racks that your tenants can use to organize their food items, dishes, plates, and cooking appliances. 

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