Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there administrative fees or other service charges?

  • Are you licensed?

  • At what point should I get a property manager and stop managing myself?

  • Can I be involved in the tenant selection process?

    You can be involved to a limited degree.  For example, you can specify that you to not want tenants with pets such as dogs or cats or non-smokers.  The more restrictive you are, the more limited the market of tenants and consequently the longer it could take to rent your property.  You cannot discriminate against any protected class under the federal fair housing laws or local fair housing laws, such as saying you do not want children.  There are seven federally identified protected classes. Nevada fair housing law echoes those protected classes but includes an eighth class, that of ancestry. The federal protected classes are race, color, religion, sex, handicap (disability in Nevada), familial status, and national origin.  Because of this it is best that you stay out of the selection process.  We are professionals in leasing and have specific criteria that every applicant must pass in order to rent your property.

  • Can I go by and view my property?

  • Can I use my own contractor?

    We are always looking for qualified reputable contractors; however they would have to provide us with proof of liability insurance, worker's compensation insurance and be properly licensed to protect you and us. Even then we can't guarantee that your contractor would be used for the work.  It would be too difficult to schedule if every owner had a different contractor they wanted us to use.

  • Can you help sell my property?

  • Do you use the cheapest people you can fine?

  • How do you go about finding a tenant?

    Once we have a contract to manage your property, we will create a file for your property and add it to our list of available properties.  The property will be listed on our website as well as the MLS. Within 24 hours of the property being listed, its availability will be displayed on the world wide web on such sites as Google, Places4Rent, SnapRent, USA Home Rentals, NARPM, HotPads, RentSpider, Realtor.com, HomeRentals.net as well as our company website.  A sign will also be placed in the yard if desired.  The time of year and condition of the property will determine how long it takes your property to rent.  The market will set the rate of rent.  If the house is priced above the market, the home will sit until the market catches up to the price.  Generally speaking home rent in less than 30 days in the spring and summer.

  • How informed will I be on what happens with my property?

  • How soon can you get started managing my property?

  • I want to use a home warranty company is that okay?

  • My brother in law is fairly handy when you call him when repairs are needed?

  • My home has a pool how do you handle that maintenance?

  • Can you spend my money on large repairs without my approval?

  • What bills will you take care for me related to my property?

  • What do tenants prefer?

  • What do you charge?

  • What if I want to use my own plumbing for AC company?

  • What needs to be done to my house?

    Make it move in ready before spending money to get people to the house. The better condition your house is in, the faster it will rent.  This means that the property should be clean, walls should be painted (neutral color) if they are dirty or look like they have only been touched up.  Window covering such as blinds should be clean and fully operational and not have missing or broken slats.  The landscaping should be cleaned and bushes and lawns maintained to allow curb appeal.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    Upon taking over the management, we will perform an acceptance evaluation and make note of the condition and offer suggestions on what we feel should be done.  You would then instruct us what you want done.

  • What qualifies you to manage?

  • What should I do if the tenant contact me directly?

  • What will I receive with my statement each month?

  • When do you mail the owners check and statements?

  • When will I get paid each month?

    Rents are due in our office each month on the first day of the month.  There is no grace period in Nevada for rent, so any grace given is by the Landlord.  We recognize that payday doesn't always fall on the first and many government checks do not arrive until the 3rd of the month, so allow until close of business of the 3rd to assess the late fee and enforce the terms of the lease by starting the eviction process.  In order to avoid violating Nevada's Trust Fund Accounting rules we need to wait until rent checks clear the bank before we can send payment to you. Normally the funds are electronically deposited  or mailed to you between the 5th and 10th day of the month depending on when we received it.

    We will collect the rent, pay the bills and then at the end of the month, provide a detailed monthly statement showing all the income and expenses for the month along with payment of any excess funds.  It would be best to have one month's worth of property expenses in reserve and not be dependent upon this month's rent payment to pay this month's mortgage payment.  Payment will be electronically deposited into your account as soon as they become available and statements will be electronically sent or mailed out on the last business day of the month depending upon the option you have selected.

  • Who does the repairs to my property?

    The tenants will have responsibility for some of the maintenance on the property and have a duty to report any problems with the property to us.  Typically tenants are responsible for replacing burnt out light bulbs, changing the filters in the HVAC unit, changing the batteries in the smoke detectors.  The are also responsible for providing for pest control in a single family unit or are the only unit affected in a multi-family unit property.  The tenant is also normally responsible for lawn care and pool care of the property has a pool.

    When repairs that are outside the scope of the tenant's responsibility, we would have our in-house maintenance  look into the problem first and make repairs if possible. If the job is beyond the scope of our expertise, one of our sub-contractors would handle the job.  Anyone doing maintenance on your property is selectively screened and must have liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance to protect you from unnecessary exposure.  Our in-house maintenance personnel and sub-contractors are available for your property maintenance needs 24 hours a day and their work is guaranteed.  Because if the volume of work we do with the sub-contractors, we usually get a lower rate than you would if you called them directly.

  • Why do you get to keep the late fee?

  • Do you hold some of my money for repairs?