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An unequaled reputation of distinction among property management professionals and the public alike.

With the professionals at Blackbird Realty & Management, Inc., you can raise the standards of Las Vegas property management companies. Our highly-trained team takes pride in providing realistic solutions to owners and investors in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our technology allows property owners to access their information anytime. Tenants can also request maintenance and pay rent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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A lot goes into managing a rental property. Have you considered it all? We have.

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Las Vegas Property Managers... What Sets Us Apart

  • Licensed Broker and member REALTORS® in Nevada since 1991 +

    Some people think and say that the most important service a Broker provides clients is knowledge of the marketplace. The truth is that the most important service a Broker provides to a client is an accurate accounting of the money being handled by the Broker. Owner, George W. Trombley started Blackbird Realty and Management, Inc.(BRMI) in 1994 after working in the real estate field for 3 years under Brokers only interested in selling real estate. Mr. Trombley is retired from the U.S. Air Force and learned how costly being an absentee owner can be if you are not working with a full time property manager. BRMI provides Clark County Nevada with excellent and affordable property management services, with a focus on single-family homes, condos/townhouses, apartments and office space. Since its inception, BRMI has handled thousands of transactions and currently manages hundreds of properties. The integrity and professionalism of the firm’s representation has earned it an unequaled reputation of distinction among professionals and the public alike.
  • State of the art software and high tech solutions +

    Our firm uses state of the art software and high tech solutions and all at a price even the most conservative investor can afford. We specialize in property management in Las Vegas with the most up-to-date techniques, systems, tools and technology available to the property management industry.
  • Longevity and experience +

    We are extremely proud to provide over two decades of outstanding service within the community and we remain absolutely dedicated to providing the very best and latest programs and services to the real estate buying and selling public within the framework of our region and profession. Highly trained Las Vegas property managers provide full service brokerage in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Among their varied fields of expertise, sales and broker associates offer seller representation; buyer representation; commercial, and brokerage services.
  • We think of everything so you don't have to +

    • Do you know what to do when the tenant stops paying the rent and claims it is because you stopped making repairs or won’t tell you why?!
    • Do you have people you can call when the tenant informs you that the property is flooding? The answer isn’t your insurance agent. Do you know the water loss classifications?!
    • Do you have time to take care of your “rental business” while working a full time job?!
    • Are you aware of the State Laws regarding the use of licensed contractors.?!
    • Do you know that insurance companies can deny claims and cancel coverage if home isn’t being maintained or if home is vacant?!
    • Many self-managing owners don’t know what they don’t know, are you one of those?!
    • Do you know the protected classes in the State and Federal Fair Housing Laws? There are 3 additional protected classes in Nevada that are not Federally protected classes!!
    • Do you know what the market rent is for your property? Depending on sites like Zillow or Trulia alone for this information could be costly!
    • Do you have the ability to run credit reports and do criminal back ground checks?!
    • Do have good reasons to manage your own property and are those reason really worth all the risks?!
  • You can afford Blackbird Realty +

    • The costs of having a Las Vegas property manager are outweighed by the money a property manager saves you in lost rent. Vacant houses lose money daily. The less time a home is vacant, the less money you lose. Statistics show that homes that are professionally managed spend less time vacant!
    • Regular Inspections and maintenance extend the life of appliances in the home and prevent little problems from becoming major expenses!
    • If you think hiring a professional property manager is expensive, try hiring an amateur or doing it yourself!

How Much Can My Home Rent For?

Enter your rental property address to receive a personalized property report with suggested rent range and local market data. The true property value may increase or decrease based on amenities, condition of the home and the location of the home.

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Have you considered all aspects of managing your own investment property?
We think of everything so you don’t have to.

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Owner & Tenant FAQs

We have answered all our FAQs with videos and have selected a few of them that are the most frequent.

Tenants most asked question is do you check my credit and will I have to sign a lease? While Owners most asked question is how much do you charge and what do you do for those charges?

Reviews and Testimonials

A review or testimonial whether positive or negative give the property management company valuable feedback on how well they and the vendors they use are performing. The majority of our reviews and testimonials are positive but we have a few negative quotes. If all the reviews are positive and nothing but 5 stars remember that old saying that it was too good to be true. No one is perfect, and the ratings should show that.


Referrals and Commissions

Any agent who wants to refer us a property management client will be paid a referral for doing so.

When it comes time for that client to buy or sell that home, we recognize that it was referred for property management and not for sale and would not take a listing to sell it without your approval.

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Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options. Its main street and focal point is the Strip, just over 4 miles long. This boulevard is home to themed hotels with elaborate displays such as fountains synchronized to music as well as replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower.

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