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With the professionals at Blackbird Realty & Management, Inc., you can raise the standards of Las Vegas property management companies. Our highly-trained team takes pride in providing realistic solutions to owners and investors in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our technology allows property owners to access their information anytime. Tenants can also request maintenance and pay rent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Let us help you maximize your investment by setting up best price and finding you the best tenants. We will save you money in places that you won't think about. Our asset protection plan takes care of your investment and gives you peace of mind. We think of everything so you don’t have to. We respond to all tenant concerns and solve problems they may have.

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A lot goes into managing a rental property. Have you considered it all? We have.

Why Hire Us
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What We do for our Owners

We make their life easier with regards to Las Vegas rental property ownership because...

Property Accounting & Reporting

Las Vegas Property Management company

Financial Summary and Reporting
Regular financial summaries are provided monthly or as required by the client. Reports include but are not limited to: Cash Flow, Cash Flow for any 12-month period, Cash Flow Comparison where Owner wants to compare portfolio performance. In addition, Expense and Income Reporting and well as work requested are available and provided monthly.

Advertising Your Rental Property

Advertising your Las Vegas Rental Property

Marketing Your Property for Rent
As soon as we know when your property will be available, we start the marketing process. Our process includes learning all about your property by measuring the rooms, taking photographs and writing scripts for highlight videos about your property. These videos will be available on our website for prospective tenants to see the property if they are unable to visit the property. Properties from our website are syndicated out to many popular websites such as Zillow,,

Tenant Screening & Coordination

Las Vegas Property Management Leasing Services

Tenant Screening and Background Checks
Prospective tenants will be screened to determine if they have the ability to pay, proof of employment or adequate funds to pay the rent. Past landlord verification and criminal background checks are also conducted as part of the screening process and then all information is compiled to look at the applicant in a weighted process. Leasing information from past landlords will be verified whenever possible.

We coordinate with the tenant anytime property needs to be shown for business purposes.

Maintenance & Repairs

Las Vegas Property Management Maintanance Services

We hire licensed and insured people to clean, paint or make repairs when necessary and answer phone call from tenant 24/7 and handle emergencies. Any work needed will be done by a licensed contractor. Blackbird Realty has vetted all the contractors normally needed for repairs at your property and have proof of general liability and well as worker’s compensation insurance for any contractor used. We are licensed property managers and do not perform any maintenance. We leave that to the experts. Tenant safety and satisfaction are a priority.

Leasing Services and Renewals

Las Vegas Property Management Accounting Services

We provide leasing services for any Owner than wants to self-manage his/her property and keep track of when those leases would need to be renewed. We also offer. As part of our property management services where the owner isn’t self-managing, we evaluate the market 60 days prior to lease renewal and adjust the rent price based on market conditions and owner desires. Move in and Move out walk through inspections are documented on video.

Rent Collection & Bill Pay

Las Vegas Rental Management

We report and collect the rent and provide a conduit between tenant and owner for problem resolution whenever possible. We pay all bills associated with the property at the Owner’s direction.

Rent collection services are provided to make it easy for a tenant to pay his/her rent. Options for online payments are available for 24/7 access or rent payment can be made at participating 7Eleven or CVS pharmacies. Tenants can also drop their payments off at our office. Note: some restrictions apply to online, 7eleven, CVS pharmacy payments.

Online Owner Portal

Las Vegas Property Management company

Accounting, Online Portal and Payments
Owner statements are published monthly and available for viewing, downloading 24/7 through the Owner portal. Rental proceed payment are directly deposited in the owner’s account under normal circumstances by the 10th of the month depending on availability. Late rental payments can cause owner distribution to be delayed.

Property Inspections

Advertising your Las Vegas Rental Property

Regular property inspections are performed by licensed inspectors twice a year to determine if any problems exist. Early detection of water leaks, HVAC, or pest control problems can save hundreds of dollars. Photographs document the condition at the time of the inspection. In addition, walk through evaluations are accomplished at lease renewal. Note: Property Managers are not allowed to perform “inspections” unless licensed as a Property Inspector, so any observations at the property and more of a property management evaluation which requires no license.

Eviction Process & Late Payments

Las Vegas Property Management Leasing Services

Rent payments are due on the 1st of each month and considered late thereafter. We allow 2 days of grace before charging the late fee and beginning the eviction process. On the 4th of the month, the Ex-Official Constable is hired to serve the 5-day pay or quit notice on each tenant in default. The response from tenant determines what happens next. If the tenant pays, all is well, no further action needed. If tenant doesn’t pay, manager files for summary eviction with the court and obtains order for locking out tenant.

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How Much Can My Home Rent For?

Enter your rental property address to receive a personalized property report with suggested rent range and local market data. The true property value may increase or decrease based on amenities, condition of the home and the location of the home.

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Self-Managing a Rental Property is Stressful

Have you considered all aspects of managing your own investment property?
We think of everything so you don’t have to.

What Haven't You Thought of?

Owner & Tenant FAQs

We have answered all our FAQs with videos and have selected a few of them that are the most frequent.

Tenants most asked question is do you check my credit and will I have to sign a lease? While Owners most asked question is how much do you charge and what do you do for those charges?

Owner FAQs Tenant FAQs

Reviews and Testimonials

A review or testimonial whether positive or negative give the property management company valuable feedback on how well they and the vendors they use are performing. The majority of our reviews and testimonials are positive but we have a few negative quotes. If all the reviews are positive and nothing but 5 stars remember that old saying that it was too good to be true. No one is perfect, and the ratings should show that.


Referrals and Commissions

Any agent who wants to refer us a property management client will be paid a referral for doing so.

When it comes time for that client to buy or sell that home, we recognize that it was referred for property management and not for sale and would not take a listing to sell it without your approval.

Agent Referrals

Why Use a Las Vegas Property Manager

What Does a Property Manager Do?

Are you maximizing your investment?

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Marketing Your Las Vegas Rental Property - Sample Video Tours

We make their life easier with regards to rental property ownership because...

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