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3 Ways to Make Landscaping Easier to Manage at Your Las Vegas Rental Property

George Trombley - Monday, January 22, 2018
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By Blackbird Realty

Are you searching for ways to make landscaping easier to manage at your Las Vegas rental property? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Winter and spring are typically the best months of the year to plant new landscaping anywhere in Nevada for the obvious reason that the temperatures won’t reach triple digits like the do during the summer months and it’s easier to work outside when you don’t have to deal with excessive heat.

If you’re ready to improve the landscaping at your rental property in Las Vegas, this article will provide you with tips you can use for making landscaping easier to manage.

Consider Artificial Grass

Does your single-family home for rent in Vegas or multifamily have a yard space? If so, instead of attempting to plant new grass, you should consider investing in artificial grass instead.

Today’s artificial grasses look like real grass, are much more comfortable than astro-turf from the past, and are easy to install.

Choose Gravel and Stone Over Plants

Although you may like the look of landscaping, the reality is that not everyone likes to take care of plants, so instead of choosing plants to landscape your Las Vegas Rental Property you should choose gravel and stone instead.

When it’s installed correctly, gravel and stone can actually compliment the look of any property and help to preserve the property value while others property values in the area have declined due to the lack of landscape maintenance.

Incorporate Succulents into Your Landscaping

If you really want plants incorporated into your landscaping you should consider incorporating succulents because they are drought tolerant plants, easy to maintain and will add pops of color to your landscaping even during the summer months.

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