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How To Make Sure Your Tenants Stop Trashing Your Rental Properties

How To Make Sure Your Tenants Stop Trashing Your Rental Properties

Are you tired of renting a property to a new tenant, only to find out that they trashed your property once they moved out? If so, you’re not alone.

One of the most common problems that landlords have to deal with every year is finding out that their tenants have trashed their rental properties.

Thankfully, this problem is something that can be easily dealt with, especially if you follow our tenant's screening tips.

Tenant Screening Tips

Tip #1 – Don’t Offer A Lease Until The Rental Application Is Finished – Having a completed rental application is essential when you’re a landlord because the completed application shows that the tenants are committed to providing you with as much information that they can upfront without hiding anything.

Tip #2 – Review Tenant Social Media Profiles – Always ask prospective tenants for their social media profiles because they are essentially a ‘window’ into the tenant’s personal life and will provide you with information on the type of person that you’re going to be renting to.

Tip #3 – Always Verify Income Sources – If you want to be certain that a prospective tenant will have the ability to pay their rent on time, you shouldn’t hesitate to verify their source of income. This is also important because it’s easy for people to fill out inaccurate job information on an application so you should always be willing to take the extra step when it comes to verifying a tenant’s income.

Tip #4 – Look For Gaps In Rental Application – During the process of reviewing a tenant’s rental application, you should also look for gaps in their job or rental history. This is important because those gaps may mean that a tenant has something to hide so you must be willing to ask for explanations for those gaps if they are on the application.

Tip #5 – Use Reverse Look Up When Verifying References – Last of all, but most important when you’re verifying a tenant’s rental application you should also use reverse lookup tools online that will enable you to verify that you’re calling a real reference and not a friend of the applicant.

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