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How To Reduce Vacancies In 2021

How To Reduce Vacancies In 2021

Are vacancies a problem at your rental property? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will share with you several tips that you can use for reducing vacancies in 2021 and making your life easier!

Tip #1 – Improve Your Rental Listing

If you’re still using an older rental listing from 2-5 years ago, you should rewrite that listing immediately by focusing on things like amenities and things to do in the local area. 

Many owners make the mistake of using the same rental listing each time they have a vacancy, don’t let this happen to you! Focus on creating a new rental listing each time and you will attract great tenants instead of attracting people who may have seen your rental listing before.

Besides improving the listing, you should also take new pictures of your rental property and include video as well because, in the Covid-19 era, it’s a smart idea to include a video walkthrough of your rental property.

Tip #2 – Focus On Scarcity

It doesn’t matter if you own a single-family home, or multifamily property, don’t end your rental listing without focusing on scarcity. This is important because if prospective tenants know that your rental won’t last long, they will be motivated to apply instead of thinking that they can wait to apply until next week.

Tip #3 – Have A Beautiful Product To Show 

When was the last time that you painted your rental property, improved curb appeal, invested in new light fixtures or appliances?

Your goal as a landlord should also be to offer prospective tenants a beautiful product because you also want tenants who will take pride in the rental property and care for it as their own.

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