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Updates You Should Make to Your Las Vegas Multifamily Investment Property In 2020

Updates You Should Make to Your Las Vegas Multifamily Investment Property In 2020

Are you planning on updating your Las Vegas Multifamily Investment Property in 2020? If so, in this article we will share with you several updates that will add value to your property and increase your monthly cash flow.

Update the Rooftop

Does your Las Vegas investment property have plenty of rooftop space that’s not being used? If so, you should consider updating the rooftop by adding a place for your tenants to lounge, grill, and hangout.

Outdoor spaces have been proven to be highly effective at attracting new tenants (especially if there is a view) and keeping existing tenants happy as well since they have a place to hang out and share with their friends.

Consider Adding A Laundry Room

It’s a fact that everyone has to do their laundry and if your investment property doesn’t offer your tenants the capacity to do their laundry, they are going to do it somewhere else.

When you add a dedicated laundry room to your multifamily property you can expect it to bring a return on investment of at least $300 per month, depending on if your property is fully occupied and the time of year.

Add High-Speed Internet

Last of all, another update that you should consider making to your Las Vegas investment property is high-speed internet.

These days everyone needs high-speed internet and you can motivate your tenants to renew their leases every year if you offer high-speed internet as part of their monthly rent. This will save your tenants about $80 per month.

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