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Why Owners Who Have Short Term Rentals Should Convert Them To Long Term Rentals

Why Owners Who Have Short Term Rentals Should Convert Them To Long Term Rentals

There's no doubt that coronavirus has changed the Las Vegas rental market in the last 90 days, especially when it comes to short-term rentals because short term rental properties in Las Vegas have been sitting vacant while city and state officials work hard to combat the virus.

With their short term rental properties sitting vacant for weeks now, the smartest decision that any owner who has a short-term rental in Vegas can make is to convert that short term rental property into a long-term rental.

Most Industry analysts predict that the short term rental market in Las Vegas is going to remain at a standstill for at least the next 90 to 120 days (or longer). 

Unless an owner who has a short-term rental property wants to let their rental continue to sit vacant, converting it to a long-term rental right now makes sense.

Long Term Rentals Benefit The Community 

Besides benefiting renters by adding another long term rental property to the market, converting short-term rental properties to long-term rentals also benefit the Las Vegas Community as a whole.

How exactly does a long-term rental property benefit Las Vegas Community? The answer simple, when a rental property is occupied and not sitting vacant for days or weeks at a time, this benefits everyone in the community where the property is located because the threat of someone squatting or living in that rental property illegally is eliminated.

Owners who are concerned about the amount of work that may be required to manage a long-term rental property can rest easy because Property Management simplifies the task of owning a long-term rental property.

With a property manager, an owner doesn't have to worry about all day day-to-day tasks of managing a rental property because the management company handles all those tasks for them so there's no work that the owner has to do themselves.

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