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4 Benefits of Creating a Video Tour for Las Vegas Rental Properties

4 Benefits of Creating a Video Tour for Las Vegas Rental Properties

Over 90% of information received by the brain is visual. Real estate is the perfect market to implement visual aids. Make your listing stand head and shoulders above the rest by utilizing a virtual tour!

A rental video tour enables you to reach a wider audience while saving time and resources. Rental property marketing is headed in a direction geared towards virtual sales. Don’t get left behind!

These videos can be shot on your iPhone or handled by a professional company. Your virtual tour doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be impactful.

Learn how to implement these strategies into your business for optimal sales. This guide highlights four benefits of virtual tours. Continue reading to take your rental property in Las Vegas to new heights!

1. Reach a Broader Audience

In today’s real estate market, potential clients live around the world. Using technology to your advantage widens your scope of impact. Not only does a video tour reach beyond your home base, but it showcases the benefits of living in Las Vegas.

Imagine highlighting your listing’s to-die-for views to a client who lives in a region surrounded by less-than-stellar views. This potential client may never have had the chance to see your property without the aid of a virtual tour.

2. Save Time

Sending a potential renter or buyer your listing for a virtual tour frees up your schedule. It allows you to focus your time on in-person appointments.

If you need to spend time meeting with prospective buyers or working on your branding, a virtual tour affords you invaluable time.

You may spend hours meeting a client in person for a home tour, but if they are open to a visual tour this takes a few moments. The benefit for them is they can revisit the listing as long and as often as they would like.

3. Visual Impacts Last Longer

We know most of the information our brain processes goes through our optical lenses. It is difficult to showcase in words the beauty or unique amenities your property has to offer. A video tour does what words cannot.

A visual tour brings the property to life and helps solidify it in your client’s mind. You can pick and choose what areas of the property you want the video to focus on. Create a stylized video that evokes the feeling you want potential buyers to feel.

4. Showcase Your Property’s Features

There’s no better way to showcase show-stopping features than a video tour. A virtual tour allows you to spend extra time on the property’s highlights a written description can’t compete with.

A modernized kitchen or expansive backyard are elements potential buyers want to see up close and in detail. If they are out of state, a virtual tour gives them a front-row viewing of your listing.

Schedule Your Video Tour Today

A video tour is the missing piece of your real estate business. Reach more clients and spend less wasted time with video tours.

If you’re ready to take your real estate game to the next level, reach out to PURE Property Management. Our team helps clients with their technological advancements and all their real estate needs.

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