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How Long Will It Take the Short-Term Rental Market In Las Vegas To Recover?

How Long Will It Take the Short-Term Rental Market In Las Vegas To Recover?

One of the most important topics that investors in the Las Vegas area are searching for online right now is how long will it take for the short-term rental market in Las Vegas to recover after Coronavirus?

The answer to this question is that once the local economy has been reopened, it could take anywhere from 90 to 120 days (or longer) for the short-term rental market, including Airbnb’s in Las Vegas, to get back to where they were before Coronavirus

What should Owners be doing in the meantime?

If you own a short-term rental property like an Airbnb, you may be asking yourself “what should I be doing in the meantime while I'm waiting for the short term rental market to recover”?

You obviously cannot let your rental property continue to sit vacant for another 3 months, or longer, because of the obvious fact that the sole purpose of owning an investment property is to have it producing cash flow.

Instead of letting your rental property sit vacant, you should consider turning your short-term rental property into a long-term rental.

Turning your short-term rental into a long-term rental property is easy when you hire a property management company like Blackbird Realty and Management. All of our property managers have decades of combined experience and we'll save you the time, money, and hassle of managing your rental property yourself.

Some of the services that we can offer you include property marketing, rent collection, maintenance, customer service, accounting, and so much more.

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