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What Do You Do If Your Tenant Damages Your Las Vegas Rental?

George Trombley - Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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There’s no doubt that one of the worst scenarios that every owner can find themselves in is to learn that their tenant has damaged their Las Vegas Rental Property.

Tenant damage can happen for a variety of reasons including a late-night party where the tenant and or their friends had a little too much fun and damaged the rental.

Regardless of how it happened, it’s important for you to get the damage repaired ASAP especially if that damage poses a potential threat to the structural integrity or safety of your rental property.

Document the Damage

From the minute that you learn that your rental property has been damaged, you should send someone out to the rental property to document the damage with high-resolution pictures and video.

Get Repair Quotes

After documenting the damages, you should next get repair quotes from companies or contractors in the area then meet with your tenant to discuss the repair costs and possibly arrange a payment plan for them to cover the cost of those repairs

Security Deposit Deduction

Sadly, some tenants may balk at covering the cost of repairs to damage that they’ve caused to the rental property. If this is the case with your tenant you should deduct some or all of the repair costs from their security deposit since this is what the security deposit was created for.

If the Damage Continues – File an Eviction

Let’s say that the damage to your rental property has continued even after you’ve made repairs to your rental. In this case, you consider filing for eviction or offering your tenant cash for keys as an incentive to get them to move out.

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