Our Fees

Item Charges Description
Setup Fee Negotiable Covers administrative costs with setting property up on computers, taking pictures, measurements, etc.
Typically between $50 and $75 dollars.
Leasing Fee Negotiable Deducted from 1st month's rent for any new tenant.
Used to pay commission to real estate agents involved in securing tenant.
Can be a flat fee or percentage of total lease we negotiate or a percentage of first month's rent.
Management Fee Negotiable If no rent is collected, no fee is charged.
Fee is based upon the number of properties we manage for you and the quality of the listing.
Late Charges 100% Management keeps all late fees and uses them to enforce terms of the lease.
The cost of having constable serve pay or quit notices and document preparation comes from late fees.
5-day pay notice Free Paid for by Management out of late fees.
Appear in Court for eviction Free Does not include court costs or constable fees.
Lease renewal Negotiable Covers administrative cost associated with creating, coordinating, executing lease.
Typically between $50 and $75 dollars.
Processing service calls for vendors Free When necessary we will dispatch vendors to property to perform routine and emergency maintenance.
Cost of repairs will be deducted from Owner's account.
On-line account access Free Requires Internet Access and an email address.
Digital Document Delivery Free Requires Internet Access and an email address.
Direct deposit via ACH Free Owner distributions are made via Automated Clearing House (ACH) from Trust Account to your account.

Management fees are always negotiable, the more property we manage for you the better the rate will be. Please call us for the details! Everything is negotiable when it comes to setting fees.

Owner is responsible for all expenses related to property.

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